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Murideo was created to satisfy the need for modern testing tools in the Manufacturing, Pro A/V, Calibration and Custom A/V market. Through a depth of knowledge brought on from years of experience in the electronics industry, the team at Murideo has brought cutting edge testing equipment to the world that was previously only available to the elite. The philosophy of Murideo is simple, focus on technology, focus on design, and focus on our users.


8K SEVEN Generator

The SEVEN Generator is the next generation in HDMI test and measurement equipment from Murideo. An approved test device for Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Audio™, the SEVEN hosts an unmatched suite of audio and video tests. This device is the GO-TO tool for the video device, display, or repeater manufacturer as well as the consummate video professional.
Who uses this?
Engineers / Product Designers / Serious Calibrators: The 8K SEVEN-G is truly a powerhouse of a tester for audio and video, able to test future signals not even seen consumer technology yet. 


SIX G Generator

The SIX-G from Murideo is beyond a test pattern generator, it is essential for anyone working with HDMI. This generator is able to produce video signals up to 18Gbps and confirm HDCP 2.2. Additionally it carries the complete suite of ISF test patterns making it a calibrators dream.
Who uses this?
Calibrators: The SIX-G was originally built for the display calibrator. If you calibrate displays, projectors or monitors, this is a must have. 

8K Fox & Hound

This 40Gbps generator and analyzer testing & troubleshooting kit was built as the ideal testing unit for all custom and commercial integrators.
Who uses this?
System Integrators & Installers: The Fox and Hound point to point kit helps integrators find and solve the issues with their video distribution systems.  


SIX A Analyzer

The SIX A is a 18Gbps 4K Analyzer that can read HDR data at the same time as providing a live video preview. This is the new standard in analyzers, and paired with the SIX-G Generator, it becomes a full calibration and testing system.
Who uses this?
SIX-G Owners: The SIX-A is the ideal companion piece to the SIX-G, when paired together you take the power of the SIX-G and create a full testing suite. 

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